Procurement Teams Forced to Cut Corners as External Challenges Bite and Investments in New Technology Don’t Keep Pace

  • Nearly a third (32%) of procurement teams concede to cutting corners with their sourcing criteria for suppliers to secure supply.
  • 81% of procurement teams feel pressured by executive teams to respond more quickly and effectively to challenges such as inflation, disruptions, and shortages.
  • 49% believe that global supply chains won’t fully recover to pre-Covid operational norms until 2024 or beyond
  • Only 24% of executive teams have fast-tracked investments in new technology for procurement.

Redwood, CA, 25 October, 2022. A new Procurious report, sponsored by Ivalua, has revealed that 32% of procurement teams have “cut corners” with their sourcing criteria to secure supply, as eighty-one percent (81%) of them feel pressured by executives to respond to challenges “more quickly and effectively”.

The study “Procurement Under Pressure: Procurement Bends and Adapt – Will it Break?” shows a majority of respondents identify inflation (88%) as well as supply chain disruptions and shortages (82%) as top factors pressuring procurement.

The report shows that 52% of respondents are prioritizing business continuity and operational resilience over other objectives, with 46% focusing on customer satisfaction, service, and experience. Given the current market challenges and geopolitical uncertainties only 7% see ESG outcomes as a priority, which is in stark contrast with strengthening regulatory frameworks and demanding consumer preferences requiring more transparency to combat greenwashing.

“Lowering due diligence standards can lead to unexpected quality, ethical, or sustainability issues. Cutting corners and working with risky suppliers can not only lead to regulatory fines or penalties but also significantly damage an organization’s brand with consumers and reputation with other key stakeholders such as investors and future talent,” said Alex Saric, Chief Marketing Officer at Ivalua. 

As external systemic shocks continue to impact value chains, nearly half of respondents (49%) believe that global supply chains won’t fully recover to pre-Covid operational norms until 2024 or beyond. However, despite the increased pressure, only 21% of procurement teams have seen headcount increase on their team. All this has led procurement teams to transform the way they engage with their suppliers, by actively collaborating with suppliers (79%) and actively managing increased risk (64%). 

“As the Procurious report illustrates, a digitalized approach to procurement is now more important than ever to enable supply chain teams to cope with the ongoing pressure of disruptions, stock-outs, inflation, and widespread political instability without negatively impacting other objectives,” added Saric. “Procurement teams need greater investment in people, processes, and technologies to uphold sourcing standards, maintain ESG commitments and values, navigate today’s stormy markets and insulate their organizations against future headwinds”.

About the study

Procurious and Ivalua teamed up to survey over 170 procurement and supply chain professionals around the globe to understand the global economic, logistical, and market forces that are pressuring supply chain and procurement leaders in 2022 and as they prepare for 2023.

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Ivalua is a leading provider of cloud-based Spend Management software. Our complete, unified platform empowers businesses to effectively manage all categories of spend and all suppliers, increasing profitability, improving ESG performance, lowering risk and improving employee productivity. We are trusted by hundreds of the world’s most admired brands and recognized as a leader by Gartner and other analysts. Follow us at @Ivalua.

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Procurious is an online business network for the new generation of procurement and supply chain professionals.

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