The SPIE Group chooses Ivalua Buyer

The SPIE Group chooses Ivalua Buyer for global control of their spend

Redwood City, CA – February 29, 2012 – The SPIE Group, a European leader in services involving electrical, mechanical and climatic engineering, energy and communication systems, has chosen Ivalua Buyer to manage its Spend Management, and more specifically its Requests for Proposals.

With the objective of globalizing its spend, Ivalua makes it possible for all of the Group’s buyers and subsidiaries to work together using a single common tool, allowing them to structure, disseminate and monitor the progress of their RFx in real time. With a view to maximize the use of the tool, a local language interface is offered to each of the 16 subsidiaries (French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese), easing the learning curve.

“We can rely on the assistance of 4 to 5 experts who are involved with the project and provide support to users who request it. This internal sponsoring has allowed us to boost the number of requests for proposals processed with the tool in less than one year,” stated Pablo Ibanez, Purchasing Director for the SPIE Group.

With its 1.8 billion Euros in annual spend, SPIE opted for an e-Procurement tool with structuring and unifying abilities, allowing the Group to support its strategy for globalizing its spend. The Ivalua Buyer solution implementation utilizes the e-Sourcing and Supplier Repository modules, the former making it possible to manage both local and international requests for proposals, and the latter assisting with the management of SPIE’s suppliers. Interfaced with the Group’s ERP, the solution is used by nearly 120 users throughout Europe and has already processed nearly 700 RFx in less than a year.

“The objective of this project is to pool the knowledge and needs of each subsidiary as well as to share best practices while complying with local constraints and matters of urgency,” Pablo Ibanez continued.“The tool as it is used today is well adapted to the culture of SPIE,” he added.

“The good relationship that we maintain with the SPIE Group made it possible to expand the project over time. The satisfaction of our customers is a central point in Ivalua’s approach, and that is why we strive to be receptive to their evolving needs,”said Gérard Dahan, VP of Marketing and Communication at Ivalua.

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