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What is Spend Management Best Practice?

Today, Spend Management is necessary in order to operate an efficient and agile business. Understanding and having full visibility into business spend and supplier relationships across the source-to-pay process can drive tremendous organizational value. Leading enterprises benefit greatly from having a single platform to digitize all supplier-related activities.

In doing so, they are able to bring more spend under management. Procurement can then not only generate more savings to impact the bottom-line but also help to create more agile and digital business processes with suppliers. 

Also, they have a much better handle on key risk and compliance requirements.

Ivalua’s Spend Management Platform offers a truly connected set of solutions that cover all your Procurement needs from Strategic Sourcing to Procure-to-Pay. With broad and deep capabilities in each area and offering a consistent user experience, organizations can begin their Procurement transformation journey anywhere and grow and mature Spend Management practices on Ivalua’s Platform.

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Business Spend Management

Best-in-Class Procurement organizations are able to deliver truly strategic value to the business by leveraging technology and optimized processes to:

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  • Identify value by understanding spend

  • Create value with Category Management and Sourcing

  • Capture value with Contract Compliance and digitized Procure-to-Pay processes

  • Measure the value of Procurement and Suppliers

What best practices do spend management leaders follow?

Strategic Spend Management

Simply understand your business spend

Spend analysis and visibility across all categories to identify opportunities for value and help to better inform category strategies. Intelligent classification and transparency into your spend without a “black-box” approach.

Effectively manage and execute sourcing initiatives

Modern sourcing tools such as RFX and Auctions to bring more spend under management and create new value by collaborating effectively with business stakeholders and suppliers.

Holistically manage all your supplier contracts in one place

Contract lifecycle management to ensure compliance to negotiated terms and visibility into contractual information. A streamlined and risk aware process to creating contracts and a central, searchable repository for all your contracts.

Intuitive buying experience and highly efficient transactions

Modern buying experience to quickly find and buy what you need with powerful search across all products and services, whether internal or external. Capture value with an efficient and digital eProcurement experience for all categories to ensure a reduction in maverick spend and increase in on-contract purchases.

Since the day the platform went live, we’ve had 100% employee adoption. Within two weeks, we had 1000 employees on the system. We’ve had positive feedback on this project with users stating they are extremely satisfied given the complexity of the project and its impact to the corporation.
Jian Xu Director of Procurement, Technology and Process Optimization

Electronic invoicing to maximize efficiency and ensure global compliance

Comprehensive management of supplier information in a single place but connected to the full source-to-pay process, including supplier master data.

Complete 360 degree view of all supplier data

Comprehensive management of supplier information in a single place but connected to the full source-to-pay process, including supplier master data.

Ivalua has enabled our transformation journey effectively, making Procurement more agile and digital. It really began with a focus on suppliers and clean supplier master data to make better decisions. Resolving this empowered efficiency, visibility and much more value creation for the business.
Cyrille Naux Vice President of Strategy, Operations and Procurement

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