Global Supplier Payments

Eliminating financial friction within international trade

Bridging the Gap between Procurement & Finance

The combination of Ivalua & TransferMate creates a seamless and embedded payment experience that is simple and easy whilst being fast and ultra-secure. This partnership addresses the challenges of global supplier payments.

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Payments across all ERPs and currencies

Secure, Seamless Payments

With Ivalua Payments, the payable process is a secure and seamless part of the whole Procure-to-Pay journey. This provides greater flexibility without reducing security, enabling one payment flow across all your supplier payments – globally.

  • Unlock the supply chain with next day payments for x-border & domestic suppliers 
  • Ensure finance control with multiple approval layers and two factor authentication 
  • Reduce fraud with real-time supplier & house bank account validation and setup workflow
  • Cut the cost of payments with consolidation across multiple invoices with full reconciliation
  • Capture supplier discounts with a fully integrated early settlement solution
Accounts Payable

Seamless Payment Benefits

  • Supply chains become stronger as the payment and contract are closely linked allowing for part payments, quality or milestone based terms, even payment on receipt. 
  • Reduced administration burden as the automated solution reduces the time spent reconciling payments and recording invoices across multiple systems
  • Faster global payments that enable same day payments plus receipt confirmations.
  • Happy suppliers as transparency in the payment process eliminates errors, speeds up payments, and reduces unwanted inquiries
  • Monetary savings are released as the whole solution avoids costly bank fees, FX markup and hidden interchange fees
Our unrivalled licensing and banking networks are setting new standards of security, transparency and speed for B2B cross-border payments. We are delighted to be partnering with Ivalua to complete the advanced capabilities of their pioneering new payments platform, helping them to eliminate the friction inherent in the financial processes of international trade.
Sinead Fitzmaurice CEO of TransferMate Global Payments – a subsidiary of the Clune Tech Group

It is time to remove financial friction from your supply-chain by bridging the gaps between sourcing and payment. The content below will give you new insights into the power of bridging the gaps between Finance and Procurement.

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