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5 Strategies to Establish Supply Chain Continuity



by Doug Keeley

Get up to speed with the newest changes and learn what it takes to enable effective, scalable supplier collaboration–including how to reduce risk, improve supply chain visibility, and build operational resilience and responsiveness.

Ivalua’s latest eBook is the foundation for a smarter, more resilient supply chain. Download now and learn how to:

  1. Build a Solid Data Foundation
  2. Ensure 360-Degree Supplier Visibility
  3. Map Your Sub-tier Supply Chain
  4. Take a Portfolio Approach to Category Risk
  5. Implement Effective, Scalable Supplier Collaboration

Build better supply chains, build a better business.

5 Strategies to Establish Supply Chain Continuity eBook

Blog - Doug Keeley - Product Marketing Manager

Doug Keeley

Product Marketing Manager

Prior to joining Ivalua, Doug spent 12 years with Directworks in Sourcing Consulting and Customer Success. During this time, he managed consulting engagements, worked with customers to implement lean processes, and managed SaaS implementations for global manufacturing enterprises. Doug has a B.S. in Marketing / International Business from the Pennsylvania State University and MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He is leading global marketing activities for upstream procurement.

You can connect with him on Linkedin

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