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Supply Chain
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The current global supply chain crisis has revealed critical issues involving the global distribution of goods and services. One of the drivers for these issues is focused around the lack of access to reliable “data”. To be of use, supply chain data must be of good quality and trustworthy. The inability to integrate data from multiple sources and the limited ability to interpret/analyze data in real time are a common set of problems facing many organizations.

Historically organizations have been assessed based on their people, processes and technology. Today organizations are assessed based on their people, processes, technology and “data”. This year’s study – the 5th Annual – delves deeper into some of these areas and provides a current analysis, and in some cases, comparison for several of these critical data issues.

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Would you like to see the report come to life? Join us on May 11th for a live webinar with one of the key authors of the study, Joseph Yacura.

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Supply Chain

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