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What is E-Invoicing?

All Suppliers, from the pool man to the global catalog providers have embraced e Invoicing solutions. The Invoice Hub merges paper invoices with these new supplier capabilities such as PDF email with self-validation removing the on boarding barriers created by legacy networks.

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What is the Invoice Hub?

An Invoice Hub is an automated e invoice processing tool that supports the complete range of Invoice streams from paper and PDFs to cXML and EDI. In-addition to capturing the Invoice and even OCRing unstructured PDFs, the Invoice Hub checks Tax Compliance and filters out duplicates. By acting as a Gateway or Firewall, the Invoice Hub ensures only digital content flows into the AP Automation process. Unlike a legacy Supplier Network, an Invoice Hub is embedded within the e Invoicing journey.

Invoice Streams supported by the Invoice Hub

Regardless of the country, supplier or format, every e invoice is checked and authenticated within the Invoice Hub- super charging e Invoicing solutions capabilities. Filters can then extract all the unwanted, fraudulent, duplicated or non-compliant information, to leave only pure Invoice content for the AP team. Uniquely, new Supplier workflows, deduplication and even Portal onboarding can flow from AP automation into the Invoice Hub. With unlimited countries, unlimited formats and unlimited invoice volumes, every supplier has free, easy access into the AP Automation journey.

Our users went right into the system with only a few training guides. Our team believes they didn’t even need to use the guides because the system was that easy to navigate. One surprise for us was how easy it was to manage our catalogs. We have more control and flexibility than we had before. We were able to make our own updates without support or additional services.
Cindy Seabrease Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable
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The Invoice Hub embraces these new supplier capabilities and removes the onboarding barrier.

  • Centralized e Invoicing solutions hub streaming of ALL Invoices from PDFs to EDI
  • Validation of Invoice Content and Tax compliance for ALL countries
  • Onboard ALL Suppliers without the overhead of a Network
  • Help suppliers self-validate e Invoices before submission removing data errors
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Enabling Suppliers with the Invoice Hub

By creating a seamless AP journey, one where the supplier is in close proximity to the Accounts Payables team, the Invoice Hub offers new capabilities not possible via a Network:

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Invoice Payment drives supplier adoption, with self-validation and self-matching possible in the portal, suddenly they can mitigate data errors before the Invoice reaches AP.  The credit control team within the Supplier can now ensure the invoice is correct rather than chase the AP team for an update, wasting everyone’s time.

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When the supplier updates their company information, billing preferences or payment mandates, you can finally trust the data and put checks in place to validate changes.

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Suppliers can be on-boarded at any step within the AP process, they can be created and approved in real-time across the Buying organisation, including deduplication, risk checks and maintaining complex hierarchies. 

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Onboarding campaigns are now part of your business and not someone else’s, this allows rapid supplier enrollment as there are no new T&C’s to sign and a softer touch can be taken to cater for every supplier’s technical maturity.

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The supplier portal is your portal ensuring that you can see the benefits of transaction transparency, automated enrollment and self-service through reduced queries and faster dispute resolution.

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Every supplier is automatically enrolled with a free portal account as soon as you create them in your ERP, send the first PO, or approve their first invoice, without worrying about complex transaction fees, invoice formats or running expensive on-boarding campaigns.

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Suppliers can check and validate their invoices within the portal, correcting an data errors before the Invoice is submitted into the payables process, saving AP time while speeding up the payment process.

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