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Season 1 – Episode 8

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Ep 8: Forming a Lasting Data Strategy feat. Joseph Yacura and Alex Saric

RELEASED 5/21/2024

Data is one of the most valuable resources any company can have, but having it versus being able to trust it and put it to work are two different things. Some data is brought in from the outside with a clear purpose, and other data is created as a byproduct of business processes and transactions. Being able to pull it together as part of a cohesive strategy can be a source of competitive advantage or an opening for risk.

In this episode of the #LoveProcurement podcast, Kelly Barner is joined by Joseph Yacura, Senior Advisor at the MIT Chief Data Officer Information Quality program, and Alex Saric, Chief Marketing Officer at Ivalua, to talk about the importance of having a data strategy.

Joseph and Alex talk about their perspective on the importance of data for its own sake and for the impact it enables a procurement team to have on the company:

  • Whether data quality or data accessibility is actually the larger challenge
  • The effort to designate and preserve a ‘single source of truth’ across business units and enterprise systems
  • How procurement can contribute to a ‘data strategy’ above and beyond the work that is being done to meet business objectives through data


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