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What is Purchasing Software used for?

Purchasing software solutions are capable of delivering significant value for organizations across all spend management categories. They are capable of eliminating risk by driving repeatable and compliant processes and can generate savings by eliminating rogue buying and spend not under contract. However, not all Purchasing Software are created equal. The successful systems are those that manage your spend, are able to meet the unique needs of the business, and whose ease of use and user experience can drive a high rate of adoption by users and suppliers alike.

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Ivalua’s Purchasing Software provides a modern and simple process for creating and transmitting purchase orders for all of your spend categories. With unmatched flexibility and ease of use, Ivalua can support even the most unique buying scenarios to ensure you are controlling rogue spend while providing a user experience that drives acceptance and compliance in an effective and efficient manner.

Ivalua’s Purchasing Software is a simple way to manage and control spending using a solution that can rapidly onboard users and suppliers alike. It guides users towards what they need in a compliant manner and digitizes the complete purchasing process. Ivalua gives your users the shopping experience they have come to expect while giving you the control you require.

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Gain Control and Visibility of your Purchasing Process

The modern business environment requires stringent controls on the purchasing process while maintaining enough flexibility to not disrupt the flow of goods or services. A purchase order system is a critical tool for satisfying these controls, managing risk, and controlling spending while ensuring you get the necessary materials and services at the right time. The balance between increased process control and the uninterrupted flow of goods and services can be delicate. To maintain the balance without adding unnecessary administrative burden and impacting on efficiency, you need the right solution.

Ivalua’s 100% digital, yet flexible solution integrates with your existing systems and automates the entire Procurement process. Through guided buying processes with powerful search capabilities, robust and flexible workflows, and the ability to collaborate and communicate with suppliers digitally, Ivalua allows you to drive compliance and value while reducing processing costs and cycle time for all your spend categories. 

We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all Procurement processes and have been able to capture a tremendous amount of savings.
Sylvie Robin Romet Chief Procurement Officer
There was huge value in our deployment; being able to deploy a solution that integrates with legacy systems really enabled us to automate our purchasing processes and keep track of everything.
Corey Roberts P2P Project Director

Rapid Implementation and Adoption

Leverage our quick deployment purchase-to-pay package for rapid implementation. Our easy to use software creates a pleasurable user experience and drives user adoption and value realization.

Since the day the platform went live, we’ve had 100% employee adoption. Within two weeks, we had 1000 employees on the system. We’ve had positive feedback on this project with users stating they are extremely satisfied given the complexity of the project and its impact to the corporation.
Jian Xu Director of Procurement, Technology and Process Optimization

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