Source to Pay (S2P)

Manage ALL Spend & ALL Suppliers without Compromise

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What is Source to Pay?

S2P is a process which starts with finding suppliers, negotiating terms and contracting to receive goods from these suppliers.  This process terminates with the payment of goods and services.

Businesses who are using Source-to-Pay for competitive advantage have all spend and all their suppliers in one platform.  This platform connects the complete source-to-pay process internally and across the entire process to improve performance, visibility and value.

Source to pay includes strategic procurement activities such as spend analysis, sourcing, contract management and supplier management (which includes supplier information, risk and performance management) as well as downstream activities such as e-procurement, purchase orders, invoice automation and accounts payable processes.

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Deliver Value Quickly

  • Quickly deploy packaged solutions
  • Start your digitization journey
  • Streamline part of the source-to-pay process
  • Drive user adoption and awareness
  • Begin generating value


Extend Value Generation Across Source-to-Pay

  • Expand Source-to-Pay transformation across all spend and all suppliers
  • Continuously identify, create, capture and monitor value across source-to-pay cycle
  • Deploy best practices and tailor processes to meet your business needs
  • Improve data quality and analytics across Source-to-pay

Turn Source-to-Pay Into A Competitive Advantage

  • Enable true business agility and adaptability
  • Build a stronger and more resilient supplier base
  • Get a better handle on supplier risk and performance
  • Impact innovation, sustainability, time to market and more
direct materials sourcing

How Ivalua turns your Source to Pay Process into a value-generating
cycle for Procurement Leaders

Ivalua's definition of the source to pay cycle is much more than a series of processes. Our customers and us see it more as a value-generating cycle where businesses can:

  • Identify value by understanding spend and the source to pay process
  • Create value by effectively executing sourcing strategies
  • Capture value with contracts and compliant buying and invoicing
  • Monitor and measure value with accuracy around information, risk and performance

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Discover Ivalua Source-to-Pay

All your spend and your suppliers, in a single platform, without compromise. While that may seem like a dream, for many Ivalua customers it is has been achieved. One platform connecting the complete source-to-pay process internally and across the supplier base with a layer of analytics across the process and an easy, intuitive and consistent user experience.

Ivalua enables businesses to get up and running rapidly anywhere along the source to pay process and power the complete digital transformation of Procurement when the organization is ready for it.

We don’t stop there, we believe that Procurement organizations can go well beyond best-in-class performance to create unique competitive advantages for their businesses.

Discover Ivalua Source to Pay

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With Ivalua, we were able to digitize our complete Source-to-Pay process, delivering efficiency and transparency.
Kenneth Wilson VP of Procurement , Select Medical
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Supplier Management Display

Supplier Management

All your supplier information, risk and performance in one place.

Suppliers are the key to it all. Collaborate with them in your source to pay system to get accurate information, assess risk and improve performance while informing all procurement activities.

  • 360-degree view of suppliers
  • Supplier risk assessment and action
  • Single source of truth


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sourcing dashboard view - Optimize Supply Chain


A simple, collaborative and powerful sourcing solution to meet any need.

Streamline, simplify and improve sourcing activities and processes, ensuring best practices are adopted.

  • Source ALL Spend
  • Unparalleled project & initiative transparency
  • Optimal supplier selections


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contract management view of Ivalua platform on laptop

Contract Management

Lock in the value, manage the entire contract lifecycle with ease

Ensure that contracts are easily searchable, tracked, and managed to maximize contract value and manage all contracting processes.

  • A central contract & clause repository
  • Faster contracting with collaborative authoring and negotiation
  • Maximize contract value with compliance 


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P2P Catalog Display


Modern user experience meets enterprise control.

Digital procurement to empower your employees and suppliers. Simplify the buying experience, achieve high adoption, and manage all spend.

  • Modern, simple digital experience
  • Maximized compliance with internal policies & regulation
  • Workstreams for all spend categories


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Invoicing Display

Invoice Automation

Turn your accounts payable team into a top performer

Transform the account payable journey for all suppliers into a digital, touchless and globally compliant process.

  • Handle all Invoice processing streams from PDF email to EDI
  • Supplier self-validation & self-matching in Portal
  • Smart 4-way matching with one-click approval


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Sourcing screenshot of ivalua platform - Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Spend Analysis

Understand all your spend and identify value

Unparalleled transparency into your spend through robust cleansing, classification and enrichment to uncover value generating opportunities 

  • Analyze spend from any and all sources
  • Powerful classification in real-time
  • Clear visibility and transparency into spend classification


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With the global deployment of the IVALUA solution, we aim to standardise our source to pay process, automate and optimise performance. Managing more efficiently the different stages of the source to pay workflow in a single tool, this is new to our organization, but is a very welcome change. Ivalua has impressed us from the beginning due to their competent and customer friendly approach.
Marianna Zangrillo SVP and Group CPO
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