What is Source to Pay?

Source-to-Pay is the end-to-end spectrum of Procurement related processes and activities that revolve around how a business manages its suppliers and its spend.

How to Ride the Source to Pay Wave? 4 Lessons You Can Learn from Forrester

Source-to-pay (S2P) includes strategic procurement activities such as spend analysis, sourcing, contract management and supplier management (which includes supplier information, risk and performance management) as well as downstream activities such as e-procurement, purchase orders, invoice automation and accounts payable processes.

How Ivalua turns your Source to Pay Process into a value-generating
cycle for Procurement Leaders

Ivalua's definition of the source to pay cycle is much more than a series of processes. Our customers and us see it more as a value-generating cycle where businesses can:

  • Identify value by understanding spend and the source to pay process
  • Create value by effectively executing sourcing strategies
  • Capture value with contracts and compliant buying and invoicing
  • Monitor and measure value with accuracy around information, risk and performance

Fully digitize all procurement and supply chain processes



Streamline spend management



Improve transparency and data quality



All your spend and your suppliers, in a single platform, without compromise. Ivalua enables businesses to get up and running rapidly anywhere along the source 2 pay process and power the complete digital transformation of Procurement across the complete process. When ready, organizations can also adapt the platform to create a competitive advantage for the business.


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Supplier Management Display

Supplier Management

All your supplier information, risk and performance in one place.

Suppliers are the key to it all. Collaborate with them to get accurate information, assess risk and improve performance while informing all procurement activities.

  • 360-degree view of suppliers
  • Supplier risk assessment and action
  • Single source of truth


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Sourcing display


A simple, collaborative and powerful solution to meet any sourcing needs.

From spot bids to complex sourcing projects involving direct materials, customers achieve results fast.

  • Fast time to value
  • Direct, indirect and services sourcing
  • Easy collaboration before, during and after


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Contract Display

Contract Management

Lock in the value, manage all your contract processes in one place.

Manage the full lifecycle of your contracts in close collaboration with stakeholders. Ensure contract data is informing all procurement activities.

  • Single, searchable contract repository
  • Speed up the contracting with simple UI and MS Word integration
  • Work smarter, directly link sourcing outcomes to contracts


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P2P Catalog Display


Modern digital experience meets enterprise control.

Digital procurement to empower your employees and suppliers. Simplify the buying experience, achieve high adoption and manage all spend.

  • Modern, simple digital experience
  • Powerful configurability and flexible workflow
  • Workstreams for all spend categories


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Invoicing Display


Electronic and efficient all the way.

Digitize your AP process and enable suppliers with eInvoicing, while ensuring compliant, efficient and flexible processes.

  • Digitize all invoices from day one
  • Faster and touchless processing
  • High employee and supplier adoption


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Sourcing screenshot of ivalua platform

Strategy & Analytics

A view into all your projects and all your spend data, like never before.

One platform and one data repository makes analytics a breeze. Tracking your savings and managing all procurement projects with all stakeholders makes you a star.

  • Powerful spend analysis with classifications whenever you want
  • Holistic program management
  • Deep analytics and an eye on performance


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