Electronic and efficient all the way

Ivalua Recognized as a Leader In the Forrester Wave™: eProcurement Platforms, Q4 2019

Invoicing Display

Digitize accounts payable.

Achieve efficiency and high supplier adoption, while ensuring compliant, efficient and flexible processes.


  • Accept any format Receive invoices through PO-flip, receipt-flip, online entry or by integration via EDI/cXML or integrated scan/OCR solutions.
  • Business rules to minimize exceptions Invoice issues are fixed by suppliers, requisitioners or buyers before submitting to AP. Built-in rules (e.g., 2 and 3-way match) ensure more touchless processing.
  • Handle any complexity and compliance Configure complex approval workflow with price and quantity exceptions. Manage accounting for different ledgers and taxes.
  • Reduce inbound inquiries Suppliers have access to our portal giving them a view into their transaction status and a lot more.

Invoice Data Capture

Make any invoice digital

  • Digitize paper and PDF instantly Capture and digitize data from PDF or scanned invoices instantly using OCR and machine learning.
  • Validate invoice data prior to processing Have suppliers or AP validate extracted invoice data with supplier information, PO or receipts and trigger onboarding for any new suppliers.
  • Automated, rules driven workflow Invoices matched appropriately are processed straight-through or else routed automatically based on workflow configuration.


Book accruals for goods and services not fully received or invoiced

  • Accrual reporting Report on accruals for invoices without receipts (and vice versa).
  • End-of-Period Visibility Enhance accounting and finance reporting with detailed backup for end-of-period accrual “wash” transactions.
  • Integrated to your financial systems Use an accounts payable interface to manage the accounting allocations of invoice lines, accruals logic for receipts and voucher details.


Track approvals for travel and manage expense reporting

  • Save precious time Automate the capture and routing of expense reports, saving precious time.
  • Stay compliant Ensure better compliance with online forms and guidelines for individual users.
  • Link to corporate cards Upload from banks for card based expenses, leveraging Level 3 data for correct classification and auto-compliance validation.

Early Payments

Maximize those supplier discounts

  • Involve suppliers early Present options for early payment discounting to suppliers with reconciled invoices or enable default plans.
  • Involve Treasury Manage maximum cash available per day for early payments.
  • Tailor your early payment program Tailored early payment programs for different supplier segments based on region, industry, etc.
  • Supplier intel Collect financial insights into suppliers and their cash positions.
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