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Ivalua and Amazon Business Extend Collaboration with Truly Integrated Search

Amazon and Ivalua



by Vishal Patel

Ivalua and Amazon Business in the News

After a close collaboration with Amazon Business over the last year, it is exciting to officially announce the next phase of our collaboration, truly integrated search between Ivalua and the Amazon Business marketplace. Businesses can now access all Amazon Business content directly from within Ivalua’s eProcurement and Procure-to-Pay solutions. This was possible previously, just via the traditional punchout method. This API integration, however, goes beyond punchout (level 1 or level 2), bringing a true consumer ecommerce experience to the enterprise, putting Ivalua ahead of the market regarding depth of integration to Amazon Business.

No more break in user experience jumping from screen to screen and potentially losing the users interest, and thereby adding to “maverick’ spend. Employees can search across internally hosted supplier catalogs, Amazon Business and other supplier sites to see and compare the results side by side on a single screen. With real-time pricing and inventory information to ensure that the items selected are available. All without leaving Ivalua.

With this seamless access, businesses can have better control and visibility into tail spend. And, as the pandemic highlighted, there is an increased need to have rapid access to such marketplaces, offering broader availability of items from multiple suppliers and minimizing the risk of shortages. 

Customers now have three great options to access Amazon Business items from Ivalua:

  1. The traditional punchout method, which can still be used
  2. Access to a curated list of Amazon Business items (up to 100,000 or more) within Ivalua, with real-time pricing and availability, giving procurement teams a higher degree of control
  3. Access to the seamless, integrated search experience, with the ability to block employees from purchasing certain categories from Amazon Business.

Ivalua continues to focus on ensuring a great buying experience for users, while maintaining the necessary level of control needed to support procurement and spend management objectives.

If you’re looking for more info on the Amazon Business search integration, please read our “Integrated Search Experience” datasheet.

If your organization is looking to get tail spend under control, offer employees wider choice and a consumer ecommerce experience for procurement, the experts at Ivalua are here to help. Reach out to us today to discuss all of our Source-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay solutions.

Vishal Patel

VP Product Marketing

Vishal has spent the last 1​5​ years in various roles within the Procurement and Supply Chain technology market.  As an industry analyst, he researched and advised organizations in various industries​ on best ​and innovative practices, digitization and optimization.  He brings a thorough understanding of market trends and digital​ technologies that can help enterprises be more effective ​with their Procurement and Supply Chain strategies.  He works to ensure that ​organizations are empowered with technology platforms that enable flexibility, innovation, and agility. ​

You can connect with Vishal on Linkedin

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